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Human beings are so conditioned to see one another with existing prejudice, that our minds form opinions before we are even aware of them. From our first GOTTA DIG It program, we noticed a common response by participants.  When shown a picture of a person in a wheelchair, the vast majority of subjects admitted the chair was the first and most important thing they noticed.  We wanted to know why  the wheelchair stood out more than the individual? Was it because our brains are designed to take objective information and process it subjectively? If that’s the case, that means we can train our brains to change how they process information, and we can diminish bias. In doing so, we as a society, could make that chair (the disability) less visible… even invisible!  So we found ourselves a new project.  We call it THE INVISIBLE CHAIR PROJECT. Now let’s do it! HERE’S A SNIPPET:  Our upcoming short film about learning the skill of inclusion through:
  • SCIENTIFIC FACTS: Experts address how the brain creates bias, and how to counteract it
  • PERSONAL STORIES: People with disabilities share how social discrimination affects their lives 
  • PRACTICE OF MINDFULNESS: Mindfulness experts and neuroscientists share how we can actually change the structure and function of our brains (neuroplasticity)
  • EXPERIENCES THAT CREATE EMPATHY: Ideas from the GOTTA DIG IT program help us use our senses to learn empathy
  • IMPORTANCE OF EMPATHY: Educators,students, and athletic coaches share the benefits of empathic behavior on our brains, lives, performance, and relationships